A Buckinghamshire UK artist with two streams of interest – ceramics and glass, I find much overlap between the two and experience with one feeds inspiration for the other. That said, each medium brings its own strength to the creative process. In ceramics, under the umbrella of Cloaked In Clay, I chiefly use sculptural, throwing, and casting techniques to create a diverse range of work, inspired particularly by local landscapes, animals and conservation. I also love to explore the fiery experimentation and lovely surprises to be had with Raku. The joy of a piece surviving the thermal stresses and having an attractive aesthetic cannot be overstated.

From an early interest in stained and etched glass, as Invetra Glass, I am now exploring the wonders of heat work on glass, through casting and fusing. Of particular interest is the ancient process of Pate de Verre, to make vessels out of ‘grains’ of glass.

The transformative properties of ceramics and glass have served people for millennia in the creation of both functional and art forms and provide me with endless sources of inspiration.

A selection of my pieces are currently for sale in the Store. More are added all the time. If you see something you like elsewhere on the website which is not shown in the Store please get in touch. Also, I am happy to consider making a different colour variant or indeed any commissions in ceramic or glass without commitment.

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